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A Guide to Music T-Shirts


I have been looking around the mall for a shirt and I can't seem to find the one I want.  I seldom buy shirts and when I do it would take me ages inside the mall just to decide on what shirt to buy.


I rarely go to shops that sell a bunch of items with the same designs.  I would like to find something unique.  I would not want to bump into someone who has the same t-shirt as mine.  That would be the most awkward thing yet.  Some people find it cool to look the same.  A bunch of people actually enjoying having a group t-shirt just for the sake of telling the world that they belong to the same flock.  This may be true but not for me.  I want something unique.  I desire to echo my uniqueness in things I do including the things I wear.


And so after my turmoil of searching for that unique t-shirt I came across this shop that sells unique music t-shirts.  I am amazed with their clothing line not because I am a musician, but because every item they sell is unique.  For instance, there was a guitar shirt on the rack which is the only guitar shirt with that design.  They only produce one shirt per design.  And it is amazing that the creator of the shirt has that many ideas on what to put on the music t-shirt. Check out this website at for more facts about t-shirts.


They sell all types of apparels you can think of.  They even have guitar hoodies at  They come in different colors and different materials.  And the same as the music t-shirts, they also come in unique designs.  Not a single guitar hoodie is the same from the other.  The creator of these designs has got to be really creative and thinks out of the box.  Could it be that the design is automatically generated?  I was wondering if that was possible.  I was thinking if it was possible to have an artificially intelligent computer program or software generate such unique designs.  But my wondering stopped when the artist of the shirts walked out of the back office of the store showing his staff his new design.  Yes, the artist was the owner of the shop.


He came up with instrument designed tees for women.  They instantly caught my eyes.  I approached him and asked when would those designs be available.  He mentioned that the ones I wanted will be available in 2 days which means I had to go back.  That was what I thought I had to do until I was offered to have my chosen Music Clothing designs delivered to my house for free as long as I buy the minimum number of shirts.