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Music T-shirts 2017: Look Cool with Guitar T-shirts and Hoodies


Being a music lover can be shown by wearing your favorite music t-shirt. Yes, music t-shirts are really popular nowadays because people love guitar, drums, bands, pop music, retro style and cute t-shirts. Get your own high-quality music inspired hoodie and t-shirt now from designers and independent artists across the globe. If you are searching for the perfect drummer hoodies you need to also consider not just the guitar or drum design but more importantly the fit, texture, durability and quality.


The cornerstone of excellent style is proper fitting. A good fit should not be too tight or too baggy because it will sag and drape if it is too big likened to a pillowcase, while too tight makes you look like a stuffed sausage. The sleeves should reach halfway of your upper arm and if you are tall, sleeves extending a little bit further makes it more proportional. The bottom hem of your t-shirt should be covering your waistband and no higher than your hips. There are two types of t-shirt necklines which are the v-neck and the crew. For a timeless look and classic option, choose the crew collar. It is recommended for men who have the frame and build because the collar draws the eye of the viewer out, seemingly broadens the neckline and creates a square shoulder appearance. If you are choosing a music t-shirt, a crew collar is good for you when you have a narrow face or longer neck because it creates balance and adds proportion to your features. If you like a less formal feel for your guitar t-shirt, then v-neck adds a visual interest and style. Wearing v-neck t-shirt adds a bit of extra height to the general appearance and makes an individual appear less boxy, complementing men with wider or rounder faces as well.  Learn more about shirts at


Guitar Hoodies are really cool because you can use them also as undergarments and when you're out in the office, all you have to do is take off your polo shirt to show off your music t-shirts design and style. Choosing a music t-shirt made of 100% cotton material is natural, cool, static-resistant, soft and gives so much comfort. Fifty percent blend polyester is also a decent choice while synthetic fiber material is prone to shrink, less breathable and less absorbent. For more information about the drummer and guitar hoodies and t-shirts, feel free to check out our website.